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Our Story

Back in the early 1960’s, a group of local businessmen, led by oilman and rancher Bert Fields, Sr. got together and decided that what this town really needed was one more bank…But the bank they had in mind would be more than just a safe place to put your money or borrow theirs. No, this bank would be special and one that would always remain true to the simple idea that banking is about more than just money. Armed with a vision for the future and a strong capital foundation, our forward thinking founders chose the name North Dallas Bank & Trust Co., and set up shop at the northwest intersection of Preston Road and Forest Lane – right in the heart of the future of Dallas. Not long after we opened our first location, things in Dallas began to change and to grow and North Dallas Bank continued to grow right along with it. By the mid 1970’s, we moved a few blocks north and established our corporate headquarters at the southeast intersection of LBJ Freeway and Preston Road. Since our inception, we have continued to expand our footprint to include five full service banking centers in the Dallas and Collin County markets. In addition, we continue to build our internet presence to serve our customers whenever they have need and wherever they are. Since inception, NDB has focused on serving the needs of the business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and the families that call North Dallas home. By committing ourselves to helping our customers make smarter choices in business and in life, we have grown to be one of the oldest and largest community banks in the state, building our brand to become the preeminent business and professional bank in all of north Texas. So many things have changed in the North Dallas market since we opened our doors nearly 60 years ago, but one thing has remained the same since our inception – our commitment to provide excellent service to our customers and our communities.

At North Dallas Bank, it’s no longer just a great idea, it’s our Mission.