NDBT’s investment management process begins by making sure we have a complete understanding of your personal situation, risk tolerance and dreams for the future. Our Trust & Wealth Management team will build a personalized investment plan for you based on your specific circumstances and then make adjustments to this plan as your situation dictates.

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Financial Planning
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Our services include:

  • Analysis of portfolio performance
  • Allocation of assets
  • Risk evaluation
  • Tax Impact Assessment
  • Clearly defined investment policy statement (IPS)

In managing your investments, your dedicated wealth management professional will explain the wide array of options available, and together, we will determine what strategy is best for you and your portfolio. At NDBT, we treat your money as if it were our own. As such, we ensure that the customized portfolios we manage on behalf of our clients are not just based on the potential returns, but take into account each client’s goals and risk tolerance. This means that we don’t recommend risky or aggressive investments – just smart investments that generate competitive returns for you.